Everyone's tastes, styles and budgets are different.

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We know what lasts.

Our professional, friendly staff is happy to assist you in focusing on what factors will be the most important to you.

We take the guesswork out of preparing for your pool's installation.

We can help you create your special place. We'll be sure your dream is also easy to maintain and lasts for years to come.


We help you make your pool last longer.

We know what works.
Our methods are proven.

Southern Illinois
We are THE pool experts.

Our business for 37 years has been dedicated to selling and installing above ground pools in southern Illinois.

  • Same business
  • Same location
  • Same ownership

We have stood the test of time.


People know and trust PoolCo.

Typical Decisions to Make:

  • Where to locate my pool? How to select the best location.
  • Who will install my pool? How to choose a reputable pool builder.
  • How long do I want my pool to last?
  • How long do I want by pool to look new?
  • Should I choose extruded aluminum or galvanized steel?
  • Round or oval?
  • Big, medium or small?
  • How much maintenance is involved?

Begin here: Learn what basic requirements will be the most important to you.

We have pools for every backyard and budget, the choice is up to you!