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Choosing the right hot tub can be an overwhelming process.
We are happy to help you find the right hot tub at the right price for you.

Start a list of what's important to you

  • Decide how much you can and should spend to get the best value.
  • How do you see yourself using this product?
  • Will this product live up to your expectations?
  • Next to each feature, briefly note why that feature it is important to you.  ...Read more.

Remember that the cheapest buy is not always the smartest buy.

Quality goes a long way.

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Our information is easy to find and understand.
We have provided all brochures, installation guides, owner's manuals, and warranties for all models.             

Hot Tub Buyer's Guide



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The reputation of the hot tub manufacturer and the dealer you are planning to purchase from is your assurance of reliability, durability and service after the sale.

  • Low energy costs, operating your hot tub over the years is part of the total cost of ownership.              
  • Easy to use hot tub is more enjoyable.You'll use your hot tub more often if you don't have to fuss with it or put up with noisy operation.            
  • Hydrotherapy that delivers a range of hydro-massage options.   
  • A great spa warranty provides the peace of mind.
  • Hot tub features that are built-in or can be added that will enhance your spa experience.   

Relax, we keep our promises at PoolCo

Get any and all information promised to you in writing

Ask for customer references.

Ask friends and neighbors.
Promises are easy for salespeople to make.

Keeping those promises can be challenge if the product isn't as great as the salesman says that it is.

A great hot tub is designed and built with you in mind.

A great hot tub is ready to use and enjoy day after day, for decades to come.

The only promise a poorly made hot tub can keep, is to disappoint you in terms of performance, ease of usage, warranty, etc.

Relax, PoolCo lets you try it before you buy it

How is your rapport with the dealer?
How does the spa sound?
Do you fit comfortably with the seats?
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We offer the opportunity to schedule a free in-store private test soak for you or your family.

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The experience of shopping for a hot tub to be as relaxing as owning one!

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