• Fast & Easy Installation
    • Innovative design at the cutting edge of technology. 100% resin structure
  • One Piece Ledge Covers
    • One screw interlock system
  • Optimized Ledges
    • Improved structural reinforcement. Superior quality resin blends.
  • High-Quality Walls
    • Industry-renowned, heat-treated, multilayered protection process. Superior sturdiness. Architectural 3D design.
  • Snap-In Uprights
    • Uprights snap into feet for quick assembly. Durable top plate interface.
  • Stable & High Wall Rails
    • At 1.6″ high the rail keeps the wall in place during ground shifts.
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Star Glow Option
    • Incorporate LED light system into your uprights
  • Star Jet Option
    • Incorporate a lighted jet system into your ledges
  • Color Options
    • Offered in both a brown and black structure

Available In: 18′,21′,24′,27′,30′,33′

Wall Height: 52″

Ledge Width: 6.75″

Upright Width: 6″


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