Pool School 2018

Sat April 27, 2019 11 - Noon 

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The demonstration lasts about an hour.

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Discover Pool Maintenance Secrets that SAVE you BIG MONEY!

  • This type of sand in your filter will NEVER clear your pool water.
  • If this one part on your pool's skimmer is missing, your filter may not function properly...and may even damage it!
  • What is the very last thing you should do before taking the winter cover off your pool? This tip could save your marriage!
  • If you fail to do this important step during spring pool opening, your pool water may NOT CLEAR FOR MONTHS.
  • Shocking your pool water daily and still no chlorine reading on your test strips? This simple cure may be all it takes finally establishing solid chlorine levels.

You will be AMAZED at how EASY pool care REALLY can be.


Don't experience one more spring opening like this.


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  • Season Supply Discounts 
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  • Free samples and much, much more! 

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