Maintenance Free

Extruded Aluminum Pools

  • Maintenance Free - Avoid Ugly Rust! Looks new for many years to come. 
  • Durable - Super strong! Holds up to the heaviest guys and the rowdiest kids. 
  • Safe - No slipping on slick steel top ledges!

Which shape? Round or Oval ?

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Peace of mind. You won't regret spending a bit more, when your pool still looks like new year after year.


A Longer Lasting Pool!

Swim 'n Play Aluminum walls are painted on both sides to form a barrier between the aluminum and any corrosive material.

This ensures a longer lasting pool!

Aluminum looks like new, year after year. 

The powder-coat finish is so beautiful & durable. 

No re-painting is required!

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We recycle aluminum!


Avoid Ugly Rust!

Steel requires annual inspections every spring.

To prevent rust, scratches and chips on the surfaces must be repainted.