Aluminum is Stronger

Select a pool made from extruded aluminum.

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All components are made from aluminum that will not rust or corrode like steel. After extrusion, all aluminum panels are powder coated with a beautiful enamel that adds a high gloss luster to its finish as well as further protecting the aluminum from corrosion. From the bottom rails that contact the ground to the rugged top seat, your above ground pool is impervious to rust and corrosion.
The components are powder coated to insure a beautiful finish that will last for many seasons. 
Unlike a galvanized steel pool, the winter cover will not scratch the finish off the top seats of a Swim'n Play extruded aluminum pool.

Want a pool that's maintenance free?



Swim 'n Play Aluminum pools

The columns and seats are shaped and molded from extruded aluminum - not bent and curled - like steel.