Accessorize Your Pool

The Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

dolphin cleaner climbing the walls

How They Work

Download Dolphin Brochure

Dolphin Supreme Robotic Electric pool cleaners offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for achieving a consistently clean pool.

Unlike pressure and suction pool cleaners, which depend on an external pump and filter, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners get their power from a standard outlet and have their own pool filtration system.

Moving freely around the pool, Dolphin robots remove debris and dust from the water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls and waterline with an advanced pool brushing system.

Protective Pool Bottom

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  • Stops Nutgrass
  • Super Smooth Pool Bottom
  • Protects Pool Liner
  • Makes Bottom Cleaning Easier
  • No Footprints
  • Reduces the Need for Sand
  • Acts as a Vapor Barrier Under The Liner
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty
  • Chemically Resistant to Acid
     and Other Chemicals Found in Soil
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