3 Generations Family Owned Since 1979

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Since 1979

40 years

Mark and Mary Carvell - owners of Pool Co - know their customers on a personal level.

Three generations of PoolCo customers are among the thousands of customers that PoolCo has served since 1979.

What keeps them coming back? Fun!

Fun is their secret to good customer service. “We hire fun people and try to have fun with everything we do,” Mark Carvell says. “If you let your customers know that you’re enjoying what you do, they will see it and appreciate it."

A significant proportion of the PoolCo staff are students from Southern Illinois University and John A. Logan College. Even though they may only be with us for a few years, we appreciate what they bring to our establishment. Our student workers fit in so well with our team.

Each and every one on our staff has that “mid-western work ethic” and are very driven to achieve their goals... The very same traits that the original owners, John and JoAnn Carvell, used to begin and establish PoolCo.


Customers have been appreciating the service they get at PoolCo since 1979 when Mark Carvell’s parents started the business. Mark and Mary purchased the company when his father retired in 1993. Their children, John and Maria Carvell, have worked with their parents for 3 years thus making three generations of Carvells who have served the public. Customers appreciate the many years of employment by most of PoolCo’s staff.

Quality at a Great Price

We offer our customers products that last. PoolCo offers its customers everything they need for an “outdoor oasis”: Swim n' Play brand of extruded aluminum above ground pools; Hot Spring brand hot tubs; and quality BioGuard pool and spa maintenance accessories.

Sonnia Stone, sales manager, is often heard to say, “How fun is it to own something that just doesn't endure? Our customers all work too hard to waste their money on cheap products that don’t last.”


They install and service what they sell. “In 30 years we have seen many new pool and spa retailers come and then go”, adds Mark, “They just didn't last. Even though they said they had customer service, they just didn't take care of the customer on the level that we do. People in southern Illinois expect a high level of customer service. We are proud so say that we are the only pool and spa retailer in our area that provides a very high level of service. New customers often tell us that they were instructed to come here and not even shop anywhere else!”

Our spa service technicians attend rigorous off-site training and must take 21 different tests to become qualified.


Knowledge. PoolCo goes to great efforts and expense to stay current and keep our employees technically trained. Every new employee receives a minimum of 30 days in house classroom training before we “turn them loose”. A tremendous amount of testing and mentoring is required to ensure that high level of customer service is maintained. Sharing that knowledge with our customers.

Teaching customers how to maintain their pools and spas is a very important part of PoolCo’s customer service. The Carvells and their professionally trained staff host many free schools and seminars. They offer expert advice on how to open pools in the spring and how to close their pools in the fall.

PoolCo is an authorized INSIGNIA BioGuard Dealer

BioGuard is recognized as the nation’s premier supplier of pool and spa care products in the industry. PoolCo is a part of a network of nearly 1,500 BioGuard retailers across the country. To be an authorized INSIGNIA BioGuard dealer, PoolCo employees must receive constant education and training to be prepared to give the best solution for their customer’s pool and spa care needs. “Our attention to detail in customer service is something we’re especially proud of,” states Mary Carvell, "After all, what’s the point of offering the best pool and spa products available, if our valued customer doesn't feel a special connection to our products and services?”

BioGuard Dealer Success Story

Only 3 dealers each year from across the United States can receive this honor. Mary Carvell adds, “Being recognized nationwide was a real honor, but the real reward is the appreciation our pool and spa owners express to us daily.” Throughout the year, PoolCo employees are always ready to give advice and test water samples that pool and spa owners bring into their store, even if they didn't buy their pool from PoolCo.

BioGuard computerized pool water analysis featuring Accuscan.

And BioGuard has continued to research and refine the process. The result? The fastest and most accurate water testing in the pool and spa industry. You receive personalized instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. “We’re glad to do it because our goal is to make sure that pool and spa owners have clean, clear and safe water,” states Sonnia Stone, “We help them protect the investment they have made in their backyard and family’s enjoyment.”

Matt Gines, past operations supervisor, left PoolCo in 2007. Matt graduated from SIU with a degree in architecture. With his departure, Matt shared with us, “The Carvells have built a business that after 40 years, PoolCo’s customers know that PoolCo is here to stay.

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